What is Map Manager? 

You'll use Map Manager to enter all tee and target positions on your course. Once you've placed every tee, target, and path in Map Manager, unless a brand new tee is poured, or a new sleeve is installed for a new basket location, you shouldn't ever have to re-map anything for your course. Gone are the days of needing to walk and map your course every time you move baskets.

Map Manager is NOT simply a layout map. Think of Map Manager as the authoritative list of all the tees and targets on the property. The information you've entered in Map Manager will be used to create all your Smart Layouts on the Layouts tab of your course tools when you are ready. These Smart Layouts will automatically sync to the mapped elements on the Map Manager, and you will not need to map each layout as you create them.

Why is my Map Manager covered in red dots? 

These red dots are used to point out elements that still need review until everything is confirmed. You can use the red dots as a guide for which pieces to look at next. There is a small box at the top left of the Map Manager page that will show how many elements/holes need to be reviewed. You can also find which holes need review by checking the red dots along the bottom of Map Manager. When reviewing these elements, keep and confirm all of the elements that exist at the course, and remove any erroneous elements that don't belong. Once no holes need review, and all the red dots are gone, submit your changes for approval.

What do I do if my Map Manager is totally empty?

If you have not yet mapped your course, you can do so directly on the Map Manager. You can learn more about doing that in this dedicated article. If you have already mapped your course, but you did so on a Classic Layout, please reach out to us at help@udisc.com. Let us know the name of your course and which layout contains an accurate map. We will be happy to help in getting that layout imported into the Map Manager for you.

How do I add a new hole in Map Manager?

To add a new hole to your existing Map Manager setup, open the Map Manager tab and tap on the Actions button (••• on mobile) in the upper-right. Select +Add New Holes and you'll be prompted to input where in the hole order this new hole comes up. For example, if it's a new hole 19 that tacks onto the end of the normally 18-hole course, then you'd input "Hole 18" for the Hole Comes After field. (If this hole is being added for a temporary event layout, be sure to check the Is Temporary box.) Next, you can tap on the + Add New Tee Position and + Add New Target Position buttons to put the new hole on the map, and select which hole these new elements belong to.

How do I change the position of an element?

To reposition an element, click on the tee or target you wish to move on your Map Manager. In the drop-down options, click Reposition. You can then use your mouse to drag the position to its new location. After you are satisfied with the new placement, click Confirm to save.

Once your Map Manager setup has been completed, you can move on to setting up your Smart Layouts. You can learn more about how to do this by checking out this dedicated article!

If you have any questions or would like more help in setting up your Map Manager, contact us at help@udisc.com.

For help from fellow ambassadors, take a look at our Community Forum here.