How are UDisc round ratings calculated?

Using scores from millions of rounds played with the app, UDisc’s data science team built a regression algorithm that determines the distribution of scores that a “standard player” would likely record on each hole. These distributions are then combined to create a scoring distribution on the full layout.

Your round rating is determined by how your round score compares to this scoring distribution – the more impressive your round compared to that of the “standard player,” the higher your rating.

Why didn’t I get a round rating?

In order for a round to receive a rating, it needs to adhere to these criteria:

  • It must be scored on a Smart Layout that has a difficulty classification.

  • Six or more holes must have been scored.

  • You must be subscribed to UDisc Pro

  • UDisc’s regression model must have high confidence in the rating parameters for at least three-fourths of the holes that were played.

If all of that criteria was met and you still did not receive a rating, there could be a problem with your network connection. Try to retrieve your rating again once you have better signal.

Will I get ratings on my old rounds?

Round ratings will only be produced for scorecards starting with version 18.0 of the app (released on October 15, 2023) and later. There are no plans to retroactively populate historical round ratings. 

Why did some of my old rounds have ratings on them already?

Beginning October 16, 2023 any round played that is eligible for a round rating will receive one. However, you won't be able to see the rating until you update your app version to at least 18.0. Additionally, you may see ratings on rounds as early as September 27, 2023 if a beta tester was keeping your score. 

What is the scale for UDisc round ratings?

UDisc round ratings work on a general scale of 1-300+. This provides milestones for players at every level of their disc golf journey.

  • 100: Achieving a rating of 100 will be something for a beginner or early intermediate player to celebrate – it won't be easy, but it won't be unattainable.

  • 200: More experienced disc golfers will want to consistently break triple digits and aim for 200.

  • 300: Elite performances will trend from the 250s to 300, with ratings over 300 representing the kinds of performances legends are made of.

Can a round be rated higher than 300?

Yes, but it will be exceedingly rare. We anticipate that fewer than 1% of all rounds will break 300.

Why didn’t UDisc use the PDGA ratings scale?

UDisc set out to craft a ratings system that was available to players anytime they played, not just during tournaments. It would have to be based on courses – more specifically, hole scoring during all kinds of rounds – and would cater to a wide array of disc golfers. 

This was necessary because a majority of rounds scored on UDisc come outside of the tournament or league setting. Additionally, many disc golfers do not participate in formal competition.

Our goal, then, was to build a round ratings system that would be more easily accessible to all disc golfers, not just those who are active on the tournament scene. We opted to not use the PDGA's notable "1000-rated" scale, or to map a translation to it, not only to avoid confusion – the systems are vastly different, so it is not fair to compare the two – but also to provide newer players easily understandable benchmarks for progress.

Why don’t I get the same number of points for each stroke of improvement?

It’s actually an intended outcome of one of the qualities UDisc’s ratings system optimized for: that a 10 (or 20, or 30) point ratings gain should represent a similar amount of improvement, no matter where it lies on the overall scale.

To get at this concept, we aimed to equalize the variance in round ratings for players whose average round ratings lie at various positions on the overall scale. This means, for example, that a newer player whose typical scoring spread at Maple Hill’s Red layout is +21±6 and a more advanced player whose typical scoring spread is -6±3 would both see a round ratings spread of around 40 points (the newer player would be centered at 95, while the advanced player would be centered at 222).

We think this system provides the best of both worlds: New players will still gain confidence in their play and see quick ratings gains, while high-level disc golfers will be rewarded in a way that ratings systems that award a fixed amount of points per stroke cannot offer.

Will I get a rating on a doubles or teams round?

Yes! You and your doubles partner’s round rating will be the same as an individual player’s rating who shot the same score on that layout.

How does changing the par on a scorecard affect my round rating?

Par, or your score in relation to it, is not considered in your round rating calculation. 

Do weather conditions affect my round rating?

Weather conditions are not considered in the round rating calculation because weather, especially wind, can be extremely localized – the conditions on the course at the time of your round may not be the same as those at the nearest observation site. This was one of the tradeoffs required in order to make round ratings available anytime and not just during tournaments, so it's worth keeping in mind as you hit the course during less-than-ideal conditions.

How does the UDisc round ratings system control for players who keep score while using practice shots, mulligans, etc.?

Like with any casual round on UDisc, you can choose your own adventure and take the ratings system as loosely or seriously as you like. If you use mulligans or mark your score from the better of two practice shots, for example, that’s cool – just be sure to consider that when you’re looking at your ratings.

Want to compare to your friends? That works, too: You’ll be able to see round ratings for other players on your scorecard, and you’ll know if they are on the same page as you with regard to how they keep score. If you try to judge your round rating against one that someone shares on social media, though, the comparison might not be as valid, so keep that in mind.

The TL;DR is this: If you compare two round ratings, you’re getting a comparison of player A’s performance given their playing and scoring practices to player B’s performance given their playing and scoring practices.

Do league or tournament rounds factor into the ratings differently than casual rounds?

Competitive and casual rounds are not currently treated differently. "Verified" ratings based on controlled event environments, like leagues and tournaments, may come in a future update. If a league or event is played on a Classic Layout, it will not receive a round rating.

I could see my round rating on my friend’s phone, but not on mine. Why not?

Round ratings are only visible to UDisc Pro subscribers.

If I am a Pro member or on a trial of Pro and my membership lapses, what will happen to my round ratings? Can I get them back?

When your Pro membership expires, you will no longer be able to see your round ratings. However, we’ll hold on to them for you, so when you’re ready to come back, they’ll be restored to your device. You’ll also get ratings for any rounds you scored while your membership was not active.

Why doesn’t my course/layout generate round ratings?

Only rounds scored on Smart Layouts with a difficulty classification will receive a round rating.

If you’ve recently converted to Smart Layouts, you should see a difficulty classification as soon as enough rounds have been played on the layout to generate the data required for our model. (In most cases this should be about 10 rounds, but sometimes it will take longer). You can learn more about converting your Classic Layouts to Smart Layouts here.

What if I made a mistake on my score?

If you entered a score incorrectly, or made a mistake, simply edit your scorecard from the 3 line menu in the upper right. After you tap Done updating, your rating will be adjusted.

What if the pin position is wrong on my scorecard?

When playing a Smart Layout, you can adjust the tee or target position on your scorecard by tapping on the orange target icon in the upper right.

My rating is wrong, or I think there may be a bug. What can I do?

Please fill out our survey here and we’ll be sure to look into it!

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to or check out our Community Forum here