Course Ambassadors can now edit tee, target, and path configurations on any device (including on a computer) to keep their courses constantly updated, including support for courses with multiple pin placements. This guide will cover the basics of how the Map Manager tool works in UDisc, with an overview of best practices for successfully listing and managing your course. 

Tap on the "Manage" button in the upper-right of the course listing page to jump into the course admin tools.

A few general tips to help you with the initial Map Manager setup: 

1) Have your tee signs close by. The best way to make your course accurate in UDisc is make it match what players are seeing when they are out there playing. 

2) Label everything. If you only have one set of tees and target positions, we recommend labeling them as "Main" (you might install some alternate positions in the future). If the course already has a labeling scheme, like A, B, reds, whites, etc., then you should mirror those labels in the UDisc course listing.

3) Remove any elements that are out-of-date. If a course element is no longer used, then you can delete the tee, target, or path entirely to display only the current positions. On the other hand, if an alternate location will be used in the future, then you can set it to "Inactive" rather than removing it. For seasonal tee and target positions, label those appropriately to reflect what they represent.

4) Follow the red dots. UDisc will point out elements that still need review until everything is confirmed, and you can use the red dots as a guide for which pieces to look at next. Keep all of the elements that exist at the course, and remove any erroneous elements that don't belong.

5) Upgrade your layouts. Once your Map Manager updates cover all of the possible elements at the course, click "Layouts" and convert any current layouts to Smart Layouts. Smart Layouts automatically update when baskets change positions on your course. Active layouts will be listed in the UDisc app. If you need to update the active basket positions, use the Quick Targets tool.

As you become familiar with editing layouts and courses in UDisc, please feel free to share your best practices recommendations directly with the UDisc team (to and/or in the UDisc Ambassadors group on Facebook.